Kuznetsova Polina G.

From 2009 to the present: Art. laboratory assistant of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of MGMSU. A.I. Yevdokimova.

In 2011, she completed the course “Psychology of Extreme Professions and States” (additional to higher education).

In 2013 she graduated from Moscow City Pedagogical University, specialty: psychologist, teacher of psychology; red diploma.

2013-2017 – postgraduate studies at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems, specialization in aviation and marine medicine.

Since 2014, a research assistant, and since 2017 – a junior researcher in the department of psychology, neurophysiology and psychophysiology of the activities of the GNTS RF – IMBP RAN operators.

In 2014, as a researcher, she took part in the experiment «Svetil’nik».

In 2015, she was a participant in the project “Luna-2015″ as a researcher and crew member.


Articoli su Scienze e Ricerche

Roberto Toscano e Polina G. Kuznetsova, Training for Space Today for Tomorrow: from Luna – 2015 to the Sirius Project, in Scienze e Ricerche n. 57, aprile 2018, pp. 5-11